Monday, December 19, 2005

The coming and going of age

You finally turn 28
no girl so you still masterbate
nothings changed but your underwear
and even that might be rare
the game with no end they call everquest
in that chair you've made your nest
another year you've turned an age
your belly looks like it can be checked with a gauge
the older you get the smarter you ain't
i remember the younger schlueter he was a saint
the devilman you've become you created a demon
you think your the smartest guy I know, awake you be dreamin
for you are closer to the end then the beginnin
for the race of life you are not winnin

-Randy Lee

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bus Ridin' Bitches

If you've ever rode the bus, you'll know what I'm talking about here.

Busses are set up with 4 seats in every row. 2 on 1 side 2 on the other. This leaves an inside and outside seat on each side. Now if you want to find a bus ridin bitch it's easy. She's the bitch who sits on the inside seat with noone in the ouside seat. Why she doesn't scoot her stuck up ass to the outside seat so that others who get on after her can sit in that seat is beyond me. It's like she's scared of people or something. Well then why in the hell is she on public transportation? If you ride public transportation and are scared to sit next to someone, you'd better re-evaluate your life choices. Because you are some stupid sob.

I've always wanted to be that guy who asks to sit in the outside seat and make her stand up, move over and let you through. Take that bus ridin bitch!