Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fuck the Twins!

Well, the cry babies finally got their way. The pack of whiners knows as the Twins are going to build a new stadium. Screwing up a lot of things.

1st off, the stadium is going on the cheapest parking lot near downtown. So now, because of the Twins, people will have to pay $2 more per day to park. Fuck the Twins.

2nd, they had to raise taxes to pay for the stadium. People now have to pay more money for beer to support the Twins. You would think a multi-million dollar franchise would be able to support themselves, but no, they need to take money way from good honest citizens to fund a stadium which will only be a headache to those paying the tax. Fuck the Twins.

3rd, Traffic is bad enough as it is downtown. Putting the stadium in its current location is going to make it even harder to get to and from that area of downtown. Not to mention the commuter train that's going in is taking away 2 or 3 lanes of traffic. Fuck the Twins.

4th, Bars in the area of the ballpark are going to be crowded as hell on game days. Which makes it harder to find a seat, order a beer and get the bill. Not exactly my idea of enjoyment in a bar. Fuck the Twins.

5th, there’s probably more, but I’m too pissed to think about them right now.

To summarize:
The Twins are fucking with my parking lot, my drinking time and my beer. AND they’re making me pay more for it. FUCK THE TWINS!!!

Side notes:
People say that with a new stadium, more revenue will be generated. Thus the tax is like an investment. Well, unless they buy me a case of beer or buy me a t-shirt I’m going to see nothing from the tax. Citizens aren’t getting a return on investment, it’s the government who’s basically taking our money and building a stadium, so they can get more money off of the people who go to the games. They already fuck you in the ass on taxes downtown, now there’s going to be even more. What a crock of shit.

You know what; I’m a pretty laid back guy. I don’t care if the Twins want a new spot to play a game. But when they start fucking with my beer, I’m going to get pissed. Those fucking guys make millions of dollars a year and they can’t afford a new stadium, so they make me pay for it. Well fuck you too. I want a new car. Every time a Twin takes a drink of Gatorade, I want 3 cents. 2 can play this game you bastards.

And do not get me started on the price of beer at games. You would think its liquid gold or something.