Monday, December 19, 2005

The coming and going of age

You finally turn 28
no girl so you still masterbate
nothings changed but your underwear
and even that might be rare
the game with no end they call everquest
in that chair you've made your nest
another year you've turned an age
your belly looks like it can be checked with a gauge
the older you get the smarter you ain't
i remember the younger schlueter he was a saint
the devilman you've become you created a demon
you think your the smartest guy I know, awake you be dreamin
for you are closer to the end then the beginnin
for the race of life you are not winnin

-Randy Lee

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bus Ridin' Bitches

If you've ever rode the bus, you'll know what I'm talking about here.

Busses are set up with 4 seats in every row. 2 on 1 side 2 on the other. This leaves an inside and outside seat on each side. Now if you want to find a bus ridin bitch it's easy. She's the bitch who sits on the inside seat with noone in the ouside seat. Why she doesn't scoot her stuck up ass to the outside seat so that others who get on after her can sit in that seat is beyond me. It's like she's scared of people or something. Well then why in the hell is she on public transportation? If you ride public transportation and are scared to sit next to someone, you'd better re-evaluate your life choices. Because you are some stupid sob.

I've always wanted to be that guy who asks to sit in the outside seat and make her stand up, move over and let you through. Take that bus ridin bitch!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Enlighten Others

I have created a web forum for team*josh to begin continue our world domination.

If you have something to say here's the place to say it.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Schluetertoberfest Challange

team*josh has issued a challange to TEAM*JESS. team*josh will be able to drink more beer at thier Schluetertoberfest than TEAM*JESS at their Schluetertoberfest.

This will prove the superiority of team*josh and once again put TEAM*JESS to shame.

more updates to come after the humiliaion of TEAM*JESS...

Once again TEAM*JESS was put in it's place as the team*josh Schluetoberfest was a hell of a time. This will have to become a yearly tradition, hopefully TEAM*JESS will be around long enough to see the next Schluetoberfest.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Country Music Is Worse Than Hurricanes

Country music has to be the worst thing to ever happen to music. The lyrics are horrible, the music has no feeling, the creators of this music have no talent and above all when you listen to it you get stupider.

If you disagree with me, you have listened to too much country and therefore are too stupid to realize the truth.

In other news, it's Johnny Cash Week! So load up some Cash and listen to a legend

Friday, September 02, 2005

Oil: The Wave of the Past

Ok let's pull our collective heads out of our asses and work towards alternate fuel sources. Oil has been the reason for pollution, wars and bad feather days for numerous penguins. What we need is reasearchers working twards renewable resources as the major fuel source for our transportation.

One major hurdle we will have to get over is the fact that right now the oil barrons have all the money and with that money they can control congress. So our governmental help is out. Especially because of all the morons who vote based on political party rather than voting for the people who have the same stance on issues that they do.

The technology is there for us to use other fuels, such as ethonal. It's made from corn, it's made in the US, it will work if we want it too. The only problem is the big wig oil people who have control of this country won't ever let a fuel like that become popular. Because then the farmers would be getting all the money and they would be left with just a few billion.

I can't wait to see the day when the oil runs dry and the oil barrons are the ones sitting around in overalls and a straw hat, while a farmer drives his tractor in a new suit.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

My thoughts on females who think marrage is the ultimate goal

1) what's your hurry?
2) you don't need to be in a relationship to be successful
3) getting married isn't like winning a race.
4) Your putting yourself through this, so if you don't like it quit doing it.
5) relationships have nothing to do with doing things right or wrong.It's mostly all luck.
6) it's a struggle for you because you're looking for one. Just beyourself and be happy with yourself and a relationship will find you.
7) quit being such a fucking moron
8) be happy with what you got, not with what you want
9) chances are life would be worse in a marrage.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


All racists should shoot themselves in the head and rid this world of thier idiocy.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Gay Enticement

I know this one girl.

  • Went out with a guy, they break up, turns out he's gay.
  • Has this other guy who likes her, turns out he was a gay man whore.
  • Has a brother, he's not gay, but really happy all the time. Almost too happy

One guess as to who this is..........

Down with TEAM*JESS

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Work Casual Dress Code

As this country grows and the business place matures, we have become less concerned about outside appearance as opposed to the quality of the employee. People have realized that it doesn’t take a suit and tie to do a quality job. Therefore I propose that the office move to a dress code that is more fitting for our times. I propose that we switch the dress code from business casual to work casual. A change that would improve our work environment, work quality, and work production.
I’m am proposing this new dress code because I feel it is more important for the employee to wear comfortable attire in the workplace so that they can keep their mind on the task at hand. Instead of having to check the mirror and constantly worry about how they look, they would be able to relax and complete their work. This would also contribute to a more relaxed work environment that centers on the job we are here to do. The office would be a friendlier place to go to which would raise the morale of the office. People would enjoy waking up in the morning and coming in to the office. On the same note a change in the dress code comes at no expense to the office. So this improvement in the environment, quality and production is free.
Another reason I propose this new dress code is because it would be less expensive for employees to not have two sets of clothes at home. Instead of having to maintain a work set of clothes and a casual set of clothes we would only have to maintain the casual set of clothes. For those employees who live pay check to pay check this would be a quasi raise for them. Also, on a whole a casual wardrobe is cheaper to purchase. Employees would save money in that respect also.
A casual dress code would also enhance the work experience for those who have to do physical labor. Employees who have to crawl around under desks, lift boxes, carry stuff around and/or rearrange furniture a casual dress code would make those aspects of our job more enjoyable. A more durable material for our clothing would be better suited to do the physical aspects of our job.
There are some concerns about a casual dress code that should be noted and dealt with. One of which is where do we draw the line on what is appropriate and what isn’t. I feel that people should be able to wear what is comfortable to them as long as it doesn’t affect their job or the job of anyone else around them. All attire under the current business casual dress code will be acceptable under the new policy. In addition jeans will be added to what is accepted. The jeans must not have holes in them, must be clean and must fit properly. Also t-shirts will be added to what is accepted. T-shirts must not contain any profanity, suggestive material and must be clean with out holes. Common sense should be used when selecting attire appropriate for work. If there is a doubt about the appropriateness of the attire, it is best off to choose something else to wear. Supervisors are responsible for the employee’s attire and reserve the right to send an employee home without pay for the day.
Another concern may be that because of a casual dress code people won’t take work seriously. I believe that if a casual dress code allows someone to be a less affective employee, the problem is not with the dress code it is with the employee. Either that employee needs more motivation or maybe they aren’t happy with their job in the first place in which case it is probably better they move on.
Some might say that others will think of this office as a less professional office. The main goal of this office is to get the job done. It is not to hide behind a certain type of clothing and do just enough to get by. A casual dress code may improve our work output which is why we are here in the first place. I’d rather have a casual dress code and accomplish more than have a business casual dress code and accomplish less. In the end our office is always portrayed by the quality of our work and not the quality of our clothes.
I believe a casual dress code would improve this office immensely. The office would be a more enjoyable place to work and improve our quality of service. This change comes at no expense and the results would be noticed immediately. An office with a friendly work environment with a high quality of service is just a casual dress code away from becoming a reality.

Monday, June 13, 2005

A Carpenter Without a Hammer

Have you ever seen a carpenter who can't use a hammer? A mechanic who can't use a wrench? A bartender who can't figure out how to use a tap? Of course not. And if you did, they wouldn't be employed for too long. So why is it we have people who work in offices who can't figure out how to use a computer. 90% of their job is done on a computer yet they lack the basic skills in using one.

If your job centers around using a computer you should have some basic skills. Such as:
  • copy and paste
  • click and drag
  • the difference between a monitor and the actual computer
  • They keyboard must be plugged in to work
  • Excel documents will not show up when you search from them in word when "Files as type:" is sec to .doc
  • etc.

A computer is a valueable tool used to raise the efficiency and quality of work in an office. It's amazing that we allow people to stay in a job that centers around using a computer who only use it to 1% of it's potential.

Friday, May 20, 2005


This Blog has been created in order to further the destruction of TEAM*JESS.

Soon the world shall see through the farse that is TEAM*JESS!!!