Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here's a Tip. Not that I have a choice.

Ok, here's what I don't get. A group of people goes to a bar. The beer lady is really slow and being bitchy. Everyone at the table complains about the service. Yet when the bill comes, everyone leaves a tip.

Maybe I'm just confused about the whole concept of tipping, but isn't tipping what you do when you want to reward someone for doing a good job? So why is it when someone does a shitty job, they still get tipped? The only tip they should be getting is, "get out of the service industry". Even someone does an average job, they get a tip. So basically no matter how good or bad of a job you do, you'll get a tip.

So why not just include the tip in the bill and raise the hourly wage of the server? That way the customer can reward the servers who are doing a great job by giving them a tip.

In my perfect world this is how servers would get compensated:
-Bad Server: minimum wage and about to be unemployed.
-Average Server: fair market wage.
-Good Server: fair market wage + tips.

Oh and if it's $5 for a bottle of Mich Golden Draft Light, the tip is included in the price of the beer. Fuck you.