Friday, June 16, 2006

Be a Movie Star

So my friend is casting people to play extras in a movie. I'm not Hollywood, but I think that means you will have an extra special role in the film. Either way some of the movie will be filmed in a bar. Which means you get to spend 8 hours in a bar with little to do except wait for your turn in front of the camera. Sounds like fun to me!

Here's the info:
We are seeking people of all types, 21 and over to beextras in the SAG independent movie “Regular Joe.”The movie is set to film June 24 through July 30 invarious metro locations (Minneapolis). Anyone interested in beingan extra should email, please put“Regular Joe extra” in subject line. Include yourname, telephone, email address, and age. There is no monetary compensation, but you will receive copy and credit, meals will be provided.

p.s. For you TEAM*JESS members: change the _AT_ to @ when you send the email. idiots.