Monday, June 13, 2005

A Carpenter Without a Hammer

Have you ever seen a carpenter who can't use a hammer? A mechanic who can't use a wrench? A bartender who can't figure out how to use a tap? Of course not. And if you did, they wouldn't be employed for too long. So why is it we have people who work in offices who can't figure out how to use a computer. 90% of their job is done on a computer yet they lack the basic skills in using one.

If your job centers around using a computer you should have some basic skills. Such as:
  • copy and paste
  • click and drag
  • the difference between a monitor and the actual computer
  • They keyboard must be plugged in to work
  • Excel documents will not show up when you search from them in word when "Files as type:" is sec to .doc
  • etc.

A computer is a valueable tool used to raise the efficiency and quality of work in an office. It's amazing that we allow people to stay in a job that centers around using a computer who only use it to 1% of it's potential.

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