Thursday, October 20, 2005

Schluetertoberfest Challange

team*josh has issued a challange to TEAM*JESS. team*josh will be able to drink more beer at thier Schluetertoberfest than TEAM*JESS at their Schluetertoberfest.

This will prove the superiority of team*josh and once again put TEAM*JESS to shame.

more updates to come after the humiliaion of TEAM*JESS...

Once again TEAM*JESS was put in it's place as the team*josh Schluetoberfest was a hell of a time. This will have to become a yearly tradition, hopefully TEAM*JESS will be around long enough to see the next Schluetoberfest.


dan said...

As a proud member of TEAM*JESS, I would like to offer a counter challenge and that is hotness factor/ratio. This is explained in terms of how many beers you'd need to drink to hookup with a person at Schluetertoberfest.
You see I'm resolute in the fact that team*josh will HAVE to drink a lot to make the members of their team look attractive, while TEAM*JESS members are hott sober (yeah there are two t's) and after one beer we'll go full on into orgy mode! Eschewing the brew and making with the screw.

RJoe said...

Bring your camera to Schluetertoberfest and we'll bring ours. We'll see who's hottter (yeah, 3 t's for the hotttness of team*josh).

hutchleader said...
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hutchleader said...

OK, so delete means delete?
Anyway, Otoberfest rules, you all need to go to New Ulm MN to see the real fun, but guess what, they quit after this year, got too wild for the town, and I can vouch for that. so that means the tradition has to live on through all MN natives, carry on, you youngins!

dan said...

team*josh as you can see the challenge was for
"team*josh will be able to drink more beer at thier Schluetertoberfest than TEAM*JESS at their Schluetertoberfest."
TEAM*JESS drank138 beers and there were NO LIGHT BEERS ALLOWED.

The challenge was not for beers per person, additionally I didn't include the shots that were taken.

team*josh drank 47 beers

138 is more than 47 so TEAM*JESS actually won on the initial challenge.

As for the hotness factor really?
No one even has their pants off
nor do you have any up shirt shots
or down shirts shots