Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Soup Spoon vs. Regular Spoon

Is this even a battle? There's no way that a regular spoon could even compare to a soup spoon. Soup spoons are sooooo much better than a regular spoon I don't even know why they still make regular spoons. A soup spoon can do everything just as good as a regular spoon and in some cases it can even do it better. Think about it. What do you use a spoon for? Cereal? You can get a bigger and better scoop with a soup spoon. What about stuff like mashed potatoes or corn? A soup spoon is the better choice because if the ease of scooping motion. Ice Cream? Soup spoon. Don't even make me mention soup and how the soup spoon was made for eating that.

The bottom line is that the regular spoon will never even compare to the soup spoon. They aren't even in the same league.


Tim said...

hear hear!

I have to agree with you, and your reasoning is flawless. There is absolutely no comparison -- by the second sentence I was agreeing with your sentiments aloud in the semi-uncrowed workplace.


RJoe said...

Thanks Tim!

Now we must call for a meltdown of all regular spoons to make way for the soup spoon revolution!