Friday, April 07, 2006

Ways To Save Money

In the financially hard times, we need to come up with ways to save money around the office.

Here are some ideas.....
  • pay toilets - .25 to pee .50 to poop (campaign slogan ---- pay to poop)
  • put a hole in the top of the water cooler – at the end of the day instead of watering the plants just dump the water back into the water cooler.
  • Turn off lights and use flashlights or candles.
  • When at cub, the doctors office etc. take pens or what ever is available to stock our supply room

Please let me know if there are any other suggestions


Martini Love said...

You can go into bars and drink the last few sips people leave in their beers... you could do that but it would be fucking gross.. but I'm just saying you could!!

RJoe said...

haha! I like that idea! Maybe I could even make friends with the person who cleans the tables and have them bring me all the "wounded soldiers"

Anonymous said...

you've been much funnier in the past. this is a waste of a blog entry if you ask me.

RJoe said...

Where's your blog? rabbit!

btw, that's your new nickname