Thursday, November 08, 2007

National Bitch Day

In honor of TEAM*JESS, I would like to formally declare November 8th as National Bitch Day. This day will be honored by celebrating the bitches in our lives.

That one person at work who's always in a bad mood. Today is the day you walk by and say, "Hi! Happy Bitch Day!" The cashier who has never once smiled or tried to be nice, "Good morning, Happy Bitch Day!" I have a feeling Snoop will be a busy man today. "Happizzle Biatch Day!" He's got tons of bitches. I also think that this will be a big day in the homosexual communities. Lots of bitches there. "You Bitch! Happy Bitch Day!"

So get out there and enjoy the bitches that make our lives exciting and miserable all at once! This is their day so let them have it!

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