Friday, January 27, 2006

Hey Dipshit you got something in your ear

We've all seen these morons walking down the street. They're the ones who are always occupied with things going on anywhere other than where they are. They're the kind of people who have that Borg like bluetooth cordless headset on their head at all times.

Not only are we so damn busy we NEED to talk to someone NOW, but now we're too lazy to even hold a phone up to our ear. Soon they will develop a "hands-free" headset that is implanted just under the skin of our ear which will directly connect to our brain. Then our assimilation into the collective will be complete.

We as a society need to hang up the phone and take a look around. There's so much going on in our environment, only most are too busy jaw flapping on the phone to notice. Try this, leave your cell phone at home one day and see how much of the world you notice. You might just like it.

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Martini Love said...

Ahhhh.. my comment got erased. Grrr... anyways the point was I agree with you and I hate text messages!