Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The SOB Hit Me!

So, I'm just hanging out at home on a friday night when I get a phone call. It's my bud. The vehicle he's in broke down about a mile down the road at a gas station from my house. So, I figure what the heck, I'll go help him out.

My roommate lets me use his new truck to head down there. I pull in to the gas station and notice a white Cadillac Escalade pull into a parking spot rather quickly. "dude must be in a hurry to get a pack of smokes" I think. Then I proceed to drive behind him on my way to where my bud is. Then all of the sudden the Escalade's back up lights come on and the dude driving HAMMERS on the gas. I tried to accelerate past him quick, but to no avail, SMACK right in the back of the new truck.

My bud, his bro and their friend were all witnesses along with some guy at a gas pump who came over and told me,"I saw the whole thing, let me know if you need anything."

Got the info from the Escalade and my roommate is handling the phone calls. I had to talk to an insurance person giving my statement on what happened. Here's the kicker, the insurance person said that normally in gas station accidents they try to split the fault 70/30 or 80/20.

What the FUCK?! This dude didn't look behind him and hit the gas and I could be 20% at fault. FUCK THAT! It's 100/0. What kind of corrupted industry could say it's someone's fault for being hit by some jack ass who doesn't look where he is going?! Oh yeah, the insurance industry. Sucking money out of people each month for years upon years, then when it comes time to pay out, they don't want to. Hey fuckers, I pay you well over $1,000 a year in vehicle insurance alone and you're too fucking cheap to basically give me my money back. Fuck you and your horse. Some day karma's going to come back and kick your ass.

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