Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Things Should NEVER Happen!

Just as a parent should never have to bury their child. There are a few things in everyone's life that should never happen. This weekend one of those things happened to me. The bar I frequent closed it doors for the last time. The bar where I've spent the past few years for happy hour has shut down. The bar where I've spent countless hours deveoping relationships with some great people is no longer in business.

Old Chicago in Downtown Minneapolis is gone. My name will no longer be on the wall at a bar. 4 tours will be all I complete. The only consolation is that I got our mug.

On the mug you will see 4 plaques from me and 2 other regulars at happy hour and 1 each from 2 who join us whenever possible. All together representing over 1500 beers drank. The mug also has the signatures of all the people we got to know over the years. Of all the things I'm going to miss at Old Chicago, I will definately miss the people the most. They're the ones turned going to happy hour after work from a good time into a great time!

RIP Old Chicago

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dan said...

I feel for you brother, when my favorite bartender quit my favorite bar. I was at a loss for words, luckily he ended up working a few blocks away. Hopefully you'll be able to find out where a few of the bartenders are going to, so you can find them and your drinking buddies again.

I'll pour out the first sip of my next drink in memory of your loss.